Women Walking in Wisdom: Inner Resonance and Living it All to the Full

Two days together with Anna Hughes at this unique retreat to fulfill your inner yearning – propelled into the next phase of your business, achieving the spontaneous fulfilment of your desires, and awakenined to more wonder and increasing conscious awareness than you ever thought possible.

Event Details

Date: October 6-7, 2018
Location: Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong

Today you have a vision for life and now for your service. From this space of inner crystal clarity, sovereignty and power step away from the day-to-day, free of everything but your own thoughts, desires, imagination and vision connected through your wisdom by intuition. With your soul that lies within, claim, and finally bring to life in material form.

Anna Hughes’s powerful framework for bringing your vision of service into material form; so you too can take appropriate action according to divine right order and enjoy total fulfilment; feel more connected to life, more tapped in, more alive.

You’re ready to step out. Defying your fears, limitations and even conventional wisdom to achieve this… a leader, you’ve set your standard high for what you want in life.

You’ve questioned so many set, old, unworkable ideas of the outer world that your now ready to step into a new paradigm, spiritually united to a higher calling.

Discerning, it’s your intuition that leads to your desire; when fear speaks to you, become fearless.

You feel a genuine bond to all humanity, power of your soul vision and backed by a clear strategy.

It’s time. Time to turn up the light. Take action to turn your vision into living potential. Service. Work. Business. Life in totality. Big picture. Detail. Dynamically sound.

To empower you with loving heart, assurance, faith, trust and poise, this intensive retreat provides you with the knowledge of your spiritual journey, now defined. And owned. Intimate, powerful sure-footed to fulfill your most radiant vision for your life and service.

For knowing who you already are, in order to bring through that dream into physical form, and focus on the journey whilst minimalising distractions — Watch this teaching below…

Immerse yourself in the powerful spiritual energy to awaken your inner wisdom and expand your conscious awareness, totality of living consciously — at Women Walking in Wisdom : Inner Resonance and Living it All to the full.

Guided by Anna Hughes, internationally-recognised Master Teacher & Healer, Mentor for Strategic Business, Personal Growth and Conflict Resolution. You’ll discover:

  • Manifest your deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play
  • Be a catalyst shaping the future of our world
  • Impact and influence many more people across the globe… and
  • Ignite and empower others to step forward too into their greatness

Within your Inner Resonance, you tap into your intuition, your inner guidance gaging your on, or in the right direction to shape your world

Become even more deeply connected to All of Life. Live and deliberately weave your own energy of All That Is, with deliberate, assertive right action.

You see clearly. Your Knowing is Absolute.

A Pure Realigning of Energy to enable the next stage of Growth to Take Place. This must happen for transformation to occur, not just at personal level – at planetary level, to develop to the next phase.

You are one of those called by Spirit – yours – to contribute, each your own way. Your structure now supports results.
Nothing else.

Operate along the lines as a woman with a vision on how you want to BECOME your own aspect of change the world.

To step forward on this part of your journey at the very least you need to be witnessed. Heard. Understood. And therefore supported. You need those around you who are the same vibrationary calibre – and clarity of intuitive vision with intent. There then comes a sense of belonging, a community of Spirit of shared purpose, foresight and insight.

Use your inner wisdom now to impact not just your reality, that too now of All around you; Your world as well in favourable ways, releasing of all that restrains. Led by you energy  finds its own level, allowing what is within to move unrestricted into new social and environmental value and formation.

Join Anna Hughes to use your inner wisdom not just to impact and reshape your personal reality, impact world order. Directly and indirectly motivate safe change.

At this 2 day one-time retreat, you’ll harness your inner power to spark inspiration, happiness, vision growth in a world that needs strong women of vision and wisdom such as yourself to guide next stage of evolution. Let this be done in the Light of Spirit, to return once again peace, balance and harmony from chaos and distress.

Inter-connect into what you love being part of (Truth);
Walk with those on the same journey (Spirit);
Live and work in ways that inspires others too to contribute their own vision and purpose (Sustained Community).

Guided by Anna Hughes, master teacher and healer, you’ll bring into creation your vision-ideal into the world, experience your thoughts into reality, rise up as a leader and motivating force for change in places where it truly matters.

From and in the heart.

Serve the evolution of your world through your strength. This aspect of initiation we call flying on the wings of a butterfly, because it’s your freedom that you’re sharing with your world. This, and your love, your joy, peace, encapsulated in the ideas that Spirit gave to you, at the very beginning, when you were evoking your presence here in this material universe.

You then ascend beyond what most others are willing to go – and truly live a life that’s infinite in potentiality.

This hands-on retreat offers a unique opportunity to go from egocentric to worldcentric a frequency of increasing conscious awareness, and return home going deeper into the energy, expand conscious awareness.

Privately with Anna Hughes, one sacred 360° deep dive strategy-setting by zoom web meeting to discover the unlimited potential and opportunities that’s hidden in your business and how you would tap into them…

And you fly, you really fly.

Empower Yourself, Empower Others

Does this resonate with your heart? Welcome, you’ve arrived at the right place.

And Live it All to the full.

Lots of Love.
Anna x