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Connecting with Spirit is a beautiful experience and makes life deeper, richer and more full. You feel connected and at peace by Being at One with everything around and within – your Self, each other, nature and all that is. Any fear of expanding into different experiences is allayed by being totally Present, you communicate with your own higher wisdom naturally through inborn intuition. You seek to lead a life that is genuine, multidimensional, loving, kind, compassionate with strong values and very, very simple in applying all that is into human form. And you align this simplicity to your desire to think and be out of the conventional box because you’re one who cherishes free will. You don’t allow anyone to crush your spirit by telling you what to do, what to think and how to feel – you know that this comes from within as initiated sovereign choice. We call you Seekers. Seekers of Truth.

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With life so increasingly complex, technical and divisive, it’s important to have a place to which you can come for answers. To understand more completely why things are happening, what to do about them, and how.

You are warmly invited to take your personal journey to dynamic new levels of spiritual wisdom, updated in modern-day material application.

Break the boundaries of conditioned thinking, and follow your heart in a search for inspiration and enlightenment that opens you to constant adventure. Peace too. Abundance in many forms. Balance. Ease.

Learn spiritual alchemy of energetic tools, meditation and loving practice to slice through confusion, find Truth in perspective and know what is real.

Here, you will have unlimited access to the entire library of Anna Hughes. Each month Guidance is released that specifically engages you in practices, teachings, talks and live meditations streamed to your computer, that will be:

1. Each solstice and equinox you will be given access to additional practices you can listen anytime comprising of guided meditations, intuition-building exercises and self-enquiry to resolve your most common problems — from anxiety to burnout to resentment and most of all to relationships. Life is made out of relationships and these are key to our progression.

2. Talks giving you proprietary strategies and tools to help you reach your personal goals within finance, business/career, relationships, emotions and health.

3. Newly added meditations; Spiritual guidance – hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous to fulfil it.

4. Anna Hughes in Conversation about topics that include the Nature of Being, Understanding Identity, Truth about Freedom, on Death and Dying Life situations, and much more, all about opening yourself totally, absolutely to Life.

Just beautiful.

You walk this path to explore the essential quality of Spirit with someone who has traveled the same path before you and is committed to give authentic counsel through insight of personal experience and value of a more expansive view.

At times arduous, other times tested, certainly there will be seldom a dull moment as you come home to Self in a life that transcends the mundane to touch the heart of All That Is.

In effect, from my heart to yours.

Join us, for immediate access to a library of guidance for your spiritual journey with Anna Hughes.

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Looking forward very much to hear your new insights as you go ever deeper into inner space, and grow this!

With love, always.

Anna xxx

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