Year End Online Community Gathering. Realign to Inner Peace. And Use Your Intuition to Assert Your Inner Strength for New Year.

You can hold your space at this online gathering and anchor the energy of peace into your defining the shape of your 2018 personal space.

Lots of transitions for this year 2018, an interesting sequencing of events at many different levels.

Time now to sit still, ponder on All it meant to YOU.

Was it astonishing for you? Remarkable? In what way?

In the light of this, did you feel something awaken within you?

You feel in order to know. To realise. Self.

And of course, this kind of energy, arises in waves, so that it’s more easily integrated. Life lessons all ’round, once realised, particularly the Love within, you can usually grow.

Peace comes when you know that what every arises for you, you have within you All resources needed to deal with it. And you choose deliberately that which works, that which reflects so much more light than any that looks at darkness. 

And Spirit has a way of supporting you who seek Self Realisation in terms of direct experience and energy transference.

One to the other, so ultimately all realises connection to the One.

And your focus grows this for you.

Join together this Saturday 29th December 2018 at 8am London (4pm Hong Kong, 7pm Sydney).

See your life reflected this year, where you were and how you’ve transitioned. Connect to your Wisdom Mind to focus on the Love that arises and build this for your next, new cycle.

Love for you to join – Please click here to register to be a part of this in your own private space.

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