Year End Community Gathering. Look Forward With More Focused (Inner) Eye 2020

Third in our current series of three special gift worldwide gatherings, with New Year of 2020 about to dawn it’s a great time now to look ahead to what’s coming!
Your reflection of experiences both light and dark give you great insight and understanding of your Life journey, from this you will derive your inspiration, remain free from (often self-imposed) limitation. Stand in your Light – the Light of who you Be.
Express this in ways both Spirit and Human, And love this and all others around you too.
Inner strength is reset and direction for next year confirmed. We call this “The Wisdom Way”
Short and powerful, that can be repeated several times so it comes from the depths of your being and builds energy – yours, in effect.
Please join us in this complimentary gathering streaming across the global.
Get ready to meet new excitements – in all shapes and forms – in the wonderful year coming.
Very much look forward to being together then, with love.
Anna xxx
ps. If you can’t make the schedule, a replay will be available. We hope you will join us.