Women’s Special Gathering. Sacred Woman Moon.

June, the month of the divine bloom… the first half of this year has just flown by!

Upon the previous year’s challenges that brought with them heightened awareness, a deeper understanding of the inter-relatedness of all things, this year is about communication.

Deep down in your clearest moments you feel that there are greater possibilities for your life than you’ve currently been able to express. It’s about mapping out a life that is adventurous, meaningful, inspiring and sweet, looking at what is arising for you — awakening the Feminine inside you.

Access the profound intuitive wisdom — feel – intuit – hear that inner voice, deep emotional resilience, creativity inside you and your choices this year that have brought you to this space.

To help you connect to the sacred feminine within you and accessing the awakened awareness available to us, listen to this practice:

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Together we will touch the energy and begin reclaiming your Sacred Woman  us Moon sovereign power.

To step into more of your greatness, “Sacred Woman Moon” is bringing Spirit in its material female form of expression to look at life relationships; specifically at how these affect passionate women like you.

Supporting in walking together with you of many women’s concerns using the universal language of Spirit, love, commitment, peace and potential, where you can give a real voice to your identity and vision within this. Have self-expression, spiritual partnership, creativity and be loved on your own terms.

In this special gift with Anna Hughes, your invited to a joyful online gathering on Sunday, 25th June at 9am BST: 4pm HK, Singapore: 6pm Sydney, Melbourne time, “Sacred Woman Moon” to uncover how you can access and optimise the goddess energy within.

During this special hour, you will experience a sense of safety and authentic confidence to shine your unique feminine radiance brightly into the world of who you truly are to be fully unleashed and expressed!

Very much look forward – all the details of time and venue are in the link below, with much love.

Come touch the energy and begin reclaiming your Sacred Woman Moon sovereign power.