Women Walking in Wisdom: Inner Resonance and Living it All to the Full. In Hong Kong

You’ve been through a lot. You’ve listened, learned, integrated.

You’ve found, or are still in process of, finding yourself.

You’re thorough, authentic, kind and compassionate (you’re many other things too, but here these four words are most resonate for this gathering).

And you’ve a message, that you are ready to give. Or, you’re getting ready to give.

Spirit is calling this gathering for women like you. Your authentic Self, seeking to communicate yourself in service of Love and Love of Service.

Sharing yourself. Not just BEING the change, stepping forward in your own way to effect change by actualising spiritual principles. That is, from the bottom up.

Using Pure Energy.

Now in its second year, Women Walking in Wisdom is a gathering of those just like you, who seek to give Leadership of Light.

Fulfil your inner yearning – propelled into the next phase of your business, achieving the spontaneous fulfilment of your desires, and awakened to more wonder and increasing conscious awareness than you ever thought possible.

  • Ignite and empower others to step forward into their greatness;
  • Manifest your deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play;
  • Be catalysts shaping the future of our world;
  • Impact and influence many more people across the globe…

Discover the unlimited potential and opportunities that’s hidden within and how you would tap into them…