Women Walking in Wisdom. Listen to the Silence Within. Voice of Spirit. Women’s Retreat.

You know the Work.

You’re connected with Spirit. Is-ness.

You’re listening, within. Voice of Spirit.

You’re still, sensing. Eye of Spirit.

You put the two together, and you feel it, strongly. Heart of Spirit.

And now ….. to know. Living cosmos. Placing inner heart together with inner voice.

You feel a sense, a quickening, calling you to Circle.

Here is a call from Spirit to step in, with others, similar. Place context and understanding to your inner voice to be One again with that ancient Wisdom you already know. A deep connection to the infinite and eternal awareness that is both immaterial and material. Pure Spirit driving human form.

Most of all, build that energy within, that inner strength, power that you have always felt. Intentionally expand. By being in it, with it. Magnifying it.

And using this to generate – regenerate – Self.

Abundance in All That Is.

In Light of the female and male aspects of Spirit. Becoming One again, eternal dance of Shakti and Shiva.

And beyond.

Space. Essence.


And take this out into your world. To share this in your own way. All ways.

To step in please contact Anna Hughes

Women Walking in Wisdom, Listen to the Silence Within. Voice of Spirit is in Bangkok. April 18th and 19th 2020. Chatrium Hotel. 9am until 4pm both days.