The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. Truth in Light and All That Is Love. Time Now To Celebrate The Sacred Journey of Life

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

At Solstice The Nazareine speaks on celebrating The Journey that is Truth, Light and All That Is love.

You’ve explored much now and have allied these primary concepts to your Life, lived now more in Love than anything else at any time.

You recognise too that Life is full of ups and downs, and just when you think you have sorted out what matters, you’re often thrown a curved ball. You might huff a bit, even puff, yet you continue your journey with relevance and grace, because you realise that in every single moment it is important more than anything to be genuine. And for this to happen you are not only connected with Spirit, you know that you ARE Spirit. Pure spirit in human form.

And you’re already in service too, in its own form.

Which includes of course in this way service to yourself.

This is your discipline.

When you are in this discipline, which is really a devotion – of All of the Above – you begin to find a certain joy in the journey, irrespective of what might be happening through you and even to you (f there was such a thing).

You have no needs other than those of the moment, you realise and work with them, make a commitment to their movement too. Even by being willing to look at them with your inner eye starts some sort of movement because in a mind that is flexible and willing to be open, and further opened in any and all ways.


You are in your truth more often than not, All That Is Authentic, you remain with clear mind and heart always listening to the calling of your Inner Sense.

And now it’s time to celebrate your journey.

Because you now know, absolutely, that you have now taken command of your Life.

And are therefore in ownership of your service, how-so-ever it may be – for you.

And this is what matters in the greater scheme of All That Is – that it’s all so very real. And alive.

The Nazareine calls His Circle together again during Solstice on Saturday, 22nd June 2019 to explore “Truth in Light and All That Is Love. Time Now To Celebrate The Sacred Journey of Life.”

Start at 8am GMT. Meeting Planner here