The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. Solstice Broadcast. Belonging to Self. Magical Moments – Celebration of Love in Being Daring and Keeping Open Mind and Heart.

Life is always an interesting journey. Sometimes it’s wonderful, other times more challenging, particularly when you live in discipline of Spiritual priniciple. But it’s always interesting.

You start now your conversation with The Nazareine on what is Truth in courage, and Courage in truth, where it fits into the smokebombs that the Otherworld seek to throw at you, how to deflect these without being drawn too much into that space even by accident and explore the Great Hall of Mirrors and its effects.

This maintains alignment with Spirit in your onward momentum beyond any exhilarating value that you (might) have conquered your fear, hooray, yippee etc you are now (whatever it is that you think you are now).

Understanding and accepting that there is no difference between Spirituality and your everyday life situation, and that you cannot just take yourself out of Life by taking refuge in Spirit. Embracing this, you use your practices willingly as The Practice of the Path. Without life, there would be no spirit, and everything is an open communication – with you, yourself and All That Is, all interwoven beautifully in a tapestry for you to enjoy.

Contemplation of this is designed to keep both heart and mind open for further experiences for ongoing material awareness of Spiritual Truth.

Venue: Anna’s Zoom Room. Click here to enter.

Start Time: 9am BST/4pm HK and Singapore time. (meeting planner here).

Duration: 90 mins (approx.).


Picture Credit to Mina Ficarra.