The Nazareine Speaks on Love and Good Order. The Adventures of (Inner) Life, Expanded

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

At Solstice, The Nazareine speaks on your adventure of (inner) Life, lived with great Presence of Love. On the basis that there is no external reality.

It’s all within.

And Life too is All about awakening. Such is knowing, loving and accepting yourself enough to choose connection with those who too support Love and service, herein to both Earth and all her inhabitants. Sharing direct experience of joy that includes shining Light on the shadow and use the energy of Love to bring unity where there is perceived separation. Mostly from minds that have forgotten how to think for themselves.

It is in such times of tremendous change, much of it destructive that often elicits fear, holding the vibration of this quality of mindset is needed more than ever before. It  might now be the darkness before the dawn, as Spirit says, in such times though mindless heroes nor villans are neither needed nor chosen. Instead, it is you, the quiet peacemaker or change agent who goes about everyday Life with great fortitude of Wisdom Love. You make the most difference. Quite and gentle, much like small water drops on those rocks that eventually leave beautiful patterns. Or sculptures even.

You hold strong to that which you know is true. How? Because it’s resonant, within.

In other words, it rings true with neither self serving value, nor egotistical clamour for validation of any sort.

For you know that everything is energy, and energy too is Everything. It all depends on how you direct it.

And the time is always Now.

The Nazareine calls His Circle together again during Solstice on Saturday, 21st December 2019 to explore “Love and Good Order. The Adventure of (Inner) Life, Expanded”. As a Circle you  join together with the Masters in humble Beingness of Service and Love.

Start at 7am GMT. Meeting Planner here