The Nazareine Speaks. Living Freedom in A Life Full of Love

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

Whenever you are Love, you are Light. When you are in darkness, you are many states of (mostly) Mind and Emotion intertwined, that causes confusion.

Most people believe that the opposite of Love is hate. This is inaccurate.

The opposite of Love is Fear.

When you are in the state of Love, that is Unconditional, there is no space for fear, that plays tricks with your mind and creates scenarios that that not only rorLLY unrelated to What-Is, they are  fantasies that place you into the realm of often award-winning soap operas.

And you life that instead of facing the what-is of Life.

Freedom is being able to see what-is in everyday Life, shine the Light of Wisdom onto it, unconditionally,

Here, there is little room for fear, because you know that you are supported by Spirit.

It’s not even a trust, and it’s far, far beyond hope.

It’s a knowing.

And it is in the space of this intrinsici knowing that you are able to stay touched by Love, because you know that whatever happens, All remains well.

How wonderful is it to know that you focus only on that which supports you, effortlessly? And then through you to others.

How wonderful too to know that with this in Heart, and Mind and All That Is aligned, you live more in the grace of compassion, ease and flow?

The Nazareine calls His Circle together again during Solstice on 22nd December 2018 to explore Living Freedom in a Life Full of Love.

Start at 8am GMT. Meeting Planner here