The Nazareine Speaks At Solstice. Observing The Observer of The Observer of The Observed.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

The Divine is always balanced, and as such also seeks ultimately to return to this balance. One way of observing this can be called karma. Another way is Wisdom, both towards and in The Observer as well as The Observed.

Balance here is between masculine and feminine, together in the material world they make Creation. In other words completely integrated into One Whole.

Done also in flexibility, sensitivity, Love and compassion.

The opposite of this is rigidity, in human terms, as what we are increasingly seeing is when doctrine becomes dogma, such results in one seeking to overpower another to their point of view or way of doing.

Brittle energy building in this light, destined by its material form to shatter. Fragment then into a million, usually competing pieces …… all elbowing for its own space …..

Ultimately therefore to reveal …….. new life. More in balance.

The Nazareine calls His Circle together at Solstice, to view, re-view and restore balance. Resettle in One Heart and One breath in All That Is.

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