The Nazareine Speaks at Solstice. Hear Soul Sing.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

Beloved, come together now with Soul singing as energy shifts and is redefined. Like a glass bowl shattered, there is no
way it can return to its previous shape, although there are many in our world who seek this.
The ultimate illusion.
On this part of your Journey With Spirit, we look deeply at the energy of Relationships.
Pause and reflect All That Is relationship, from you with The Divine, with Self and through these (both) with others too. Earth. Life, Nature. The Nature of Mind and All That Is, too.
Interesting to start your reflection on the Truth that all relationships are without shape. Their image only shown through the image of another. Question from Spirit is: “Is there really another?”
Therefore, how do we mould our relationships to suit ourselves, either materially immutable. Or progressive Self? Inspirational or challenging?
And to what purpose?
Your ability to see clearly here depends on how much you are anchored in physicality. And/or beyond.
The next step in interesting exploration for you, Seeker of Truth, to ponder deeper, further, go into and therefore beyond the interesting dimension of mind. Or…. Mind…..
Reach up, through and beyond your Self in next steps of this, your Ascension Journey. And hear Soul sing….
Please join together on Saturday, 19th December at your local equivalent to 8am UKT,
Look forward, as always in service and Love.