The Nazareine Speaks at Equinox Gathering and Virtual Retreat. Having Fun with Spirit and Stepping Forward Together in Lightness of Heart

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

We mark together Equinox to start our Sacred Gathering together that includes Teachings with The Nazareine, a period of deeper consolidatory inner work that includes Experiential Contemplation and Reflection Sharing – at the humour of Spirit in recent period often with both poles presented in one motion – and you being asked to dance in-between!

Have you ever watched the famous Filipino dance “Tinikling Bamboo Dance”? where two bamboo poles are hit first on the floor and then clashed together, in rhythm. Dancers have to read the rhythm of the bamboo, rather than the music, and then nimbly weave their feet nimbly in between – or risk a battered ankle or two. Lots of laughter, usually, when that happens…. quite fun….. (don’t know it? Click here to watch).

Feel anything similar happening to you in past period (but perhaps missing the laughter)?

It’s been intense. Very intense. So many people (and Governments) trying to do the “right thing”, only to find that everything’s been turned on its head almost the next minute, what was considered true and important being shown to be completely the opposite.

Think about it.

Imperative to release energy now. Judgment calls. Consternation. Contemplation too. You’ve all held it so well over the past many months, your journey on The Spiritual Path significant in the light of navigating this period. It was needed, then.

New energetic cycle curreently settling on our beautiful Earth, it’s about doing new things, or old things in new ways.

Removing whatever value judgment for whatever, to see everything in its true light of arise-maximise-dissolution.

To regain that part of your Self by focusing now on the dissolution. On what used to matter, no longer mattering. Fix the inner eye on the opposite pole to where you were. And head “there”.

Shifting energy in this way, directly and deliberately opens another pathway to Mastery.

Working directly with the Principle of Polarity, at the very least, it puts you once again in charge of your own energy. Initiate, focus, deflate. Using another part of the Awareness, again, initiate, focus, deflate.

See Truth in All That Is by calling into play different skill sets.

More balanced, therefore, you move significantly on. In and into fresh energy.

To be able to turn everything around on its head is quite fun. Especially in (Wisdom) group that gives uplifted context on a mutual human journey, shared. Parallel universe where Light is structured differently, more supportively. And remains ever present, despite the Shadow.

Therefore (and as always), you keep one step ahead of everyone else. Especially those super-knowledgeable, super-important, even …. super-spiritual …. others ….

And continue your assistance in different ways to previous. Refreshed.

You are invited to join us for our Equinox Virtual Retreat as follows:

Saturday, 19th September 2020 and Sunday, 20th September 2020 at your local equivalent to 7am – 9 am British Summer Time. Followed by Group Assignments.

Look forward, as always with and in Love.