Study Group for “Belonging to Self. Magical Moments – Celebration of Love. Taking the Beingness of Human to Different Levels”

How exciting to be coming together again!

Good to be sharing parts of your journey. I know some of you have a lot to share!

Happy days (even though at the time it doesn’t particularly, ehm, seem so).

We’ll come together on Saturday May 13th on Zoom so you can experience yourself in the energy of fearlessness that is in alignment of loving kindness.

We’ll hear how you’re putting the principles of conscious living into practice. And of course, also when you’re not. That’s the gift and joy of being human, and the gift of awareness to know when you ‘are’ and when you ‘are not’.
Life then flows so much differently.

Excellent situation!

Date: Saturday 13th May 2017

Time: 8am UKT/3pm Hong Kong and Singapore time.

Duration: About 60 minutes.

Where: Usual Zoom link >>