Layer 1 of Share Your Love. For Other’s Continued Strength and Inspiration. A Circle of Healing Community Gathering.

The Circle of Healing is for you who wish to explore the sacred connection between the energetic and material bodies. Your spiritual journey within this light is to promote self-healing through the body’s own essential innate wisdom.

It is also for you who choose to open-heartedly serve in bringing through Compassionate Healing Love to support others in their personal healing journeys.

Join us for this unique set of three community gatherings to open the Spirit (yours) create safety of common ground into which Love is focused.

We are in a time of Evolution. For so long so many have lived out of harmony with our Earth, Nature and all that is the community of Life. Simple truth is that disharmony of any sort creates dis-stress and dis-ease in your body, and we are seeing results of this now.

Join Anna Hughes and a community of seekers around the world to:

1. Clear inner space from all external environmental noise.
2. Find peace within, and therefore inner strength.
3. Hold this space of sacred unity of the highest frequency to protect you and the collective on multiple layers.
4. Take the energy to heal humanity and sacred Earth.

This period we are witnessing suffering mostly hidden, acknowledgement of shared humanity which causes the energy of Love, Unconditional, to settle where it is most needed – in the material body of the other.

Come together to the Circle Gatherings To Supercharge and Protect yourself energetically from a place of divine expansion; 20 minutes powerful beams of loving healing energy, at the schedule below:

Saturday, 28th March 2020 for Wisdom Healing Love for Self;
Wednesday, 1st April 2020 for Strengthening of Light Body of Loved Ones;
Saturday, 4th April 2020 for Healing Earth.

Let us therefore step in, together, by registering your intent here.

Look forward as always, in service and love.

Anna x

​​​​​​​ps. If you can’t make the schedule, please register to watch the replay that will be available soon after.