Sacred Women Moon Circle of Feminine Light. Intuition & Abundance.

You can hold your space at this online gathering and explore further on new moon in this Sacred Women Moon Circle of Feminine Light

Join us in this live online gathering and a place for feminine expression, with love as the starting point. This moon’s exploration is about abundance – and to reach for this you need to be more present than ever and see clearly old games and conversations.

 Make a decision that you are no longer a willing participant to other people’s fantasies (and neuroses). Time to apply your generosity towards other forms of expression, and to be sharing your abundance in other ways, in your unlimited feminine power for the joy of emotional freedom in every moment, no matter what your life circumstances.

Join together this Sunday 17th September at 11am London (6pm Hong Kong8pm Sydney).

Step into this unique circle of feminine grace to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with Nature both inner and environmental.

Watch your intuition become stronger as you start to see effects of its application to your everyday life and start to live the life you always dreamed of, profoundly as a Woman of Wisdom.