Sacred Woman Moon. You. Moving Reflection of Female Light into 2021

Sacred Woman Moon represents the female aspect of Spirit. Intensely primal, exotic, you explore yourself through material light to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with both Nature and earth based conscious awareness. Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature – both inner and environmental to plumb and express the depths of your essential Being.

The Moon is a divine feminine energy that symbolises Creation. And, as all humanity is born of Woman, in ancient, more matriarchial societies, she was given precedence over The Sun. Too, in her role of reflecting light into darkness, it was said that her reflection, particularly off the sea in the dead of night, was the soul instrument of the Sacred Mother energy, used by those willing to see with their third eye beyond the basic material world into different, subtle layers of reality. These are then used magically, deliberately and with great Love, to create anew each moment and therefore each step of Life.

For this Sacred Woman Moon Circle, this has been your foundational core. Working with the cycles of the waxing and waning moon; new, full and crescent moon too. Taking your own readings, working with these insights into emotional strength and personal empowerment. You have lived Spirit whilst at the centre of your own families and businesses, generous in both light and darkness that is symbolic of who you are at core.

Together with new insights and Teachings that arose during this past year cycle, I invite you to now to step in together, embrace the Silence that you materially are, within. Look back – to look forward – and use your voice now to articulate that collective dream. And most important, your part in it.

Your Circle is preparing to embark on a new cycle, we embrace with even more value those precious secrets of the mystical, nurturing, female-centric Wisdom universe.

Move into that Goddess space, with a Capital G, that is definitive of Divine Mother.

With lots of love, as always.

Anna x

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