Sacred Woman Moon – Speaking Heart to Heart on Wisdom of Emotions

We’re meeting again, and I’m looking forward to this! This time, we’ll take forward our exploration of emotions.

It’s a simple truth that your emotions have a habit of disorienting you, to the extent that you can’t think straight and you lose your direction. Often too, you lose your sense of Self because all you can think about is whatever has upset you at that time. You know it’s not great, but you just can’t get out of that (re)cycle.

It’s harmful to you too because the body responds to whatever thought process is going on at that time, whether it’s in relation to old memories, or to something that happened just recently.

Conflict arises and it can be pretty violent – to yourself, really, because of course everything happens inside of us all. There is in effect no external reality.

Really, you just want your freedom back, it’s really a freedom to be ….. yourself again, in charge of you and everything around you.

You can call emotional pain anything you wish. Like self-doubt, it’s insidious because it affects your choices.

I find the most important way to shift emotional energy is to sit in it. In this way, you are able to create a relationship with it, with your body too, as it really is. So many live in a dreamland that life must be “whatever” (fill in the blank), rather than face it as it really is.

Many people think that can do something to get rid of it, what happens here is that the energy (of whatever emotion) just migrates from one storage part of the physical body, to another. When there, it upsets the body’s energy systems and causes dis-stress and ultimately, dis-ease.

Once you’re comfortable there, you can expand your view to look at the different perspectives of each situation, and the part that you played in bringing that forward. It’s a way of looking at solidified space in the form of your projections, and taking responsibility for clearing your part of it.

With everything again (re)aligned, you are then more able to deal with the situation using a mixture of facts and resolve (whatever it is that you want to happen).

So here’s a question for you.

How willing are you to be master of your emotions? What are you willing to do to move beyond the confusion that emotions often bring to any Life story? And create a history that can often be painful?

Join us to explore further on new moon, Sunday 23rd July at 8am London (3pm Hong Kong, 5pm Sydney) in this Sacred Women Moon Circle of feminine light, gather together online to speak from the heart and take another step further into the Wisdom of the Emotions, .

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Lots of Love, Always.