Sacred Woman Moon. Love Nature. Love Life.

Sacred Woman Moon represents the female aspect of Spirit. Intensely primal, exotic, you explore yourself through material light to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with both Nature and earth based conscious awareness. Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature – both inner and environmental to plumb and express the depths of your essential Being.

During this moon, you feel your integration with Nature.

How much you Love her.

And how this is reciprocated all the way through the different aspects of her Being.

You’ve started your sensing of which elemental your resonate most with, and you’ve spoken with your Guidance why.

Spirit has called here for a slight change of direction this moon >> Three major teachings here for you, all defined by Mother Nature.

Working directly with Earth Mother, you’ll energetically cleanse and preserve the Body of Water (that from which Life comes), Body of Air (that which we breathe) and Body of the Earth (that which sustains what we eat).

Hold your own conversation with these three very important parts of Nature – altogether the Nature of All of Life, itself.

It’s time.

​​​​ Look forward as always in Service and Love,

Anna x


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