Sacred Woman Moon. Intuition, Love and Relationships . Using Anger as a Motivating Force for Change.

Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle usually meets on the Sunday before or after each new moon. Please check your website calendar for dates and times.


You are who you are at both personality and Soul level.

Here is the beginning of a deeper exploration of you and your primary Spiritual aspect.

Working with your intuitive aspect, you start to go deeper together here, and explore your relationship with the elemental of anger, how it presents and its impact upon the female energy system, go to its root and use this knowledge to bring you closer to yourself.

Through this knowledge you start to see how insidious it can be in your outlook to the world, and, unseen and therefore unknown, how it acts as a mirror and thus can drive a wedge between you and those that you love.

Date: Sunday 22nd October 2017

Time: 8am UKT/3pm Hong Kong and Singapore/6pm Sydney & Melbourne time (check your location time here)

Duration: About 60 minutes.

Where: Please click this link to register.