Sacred Woman Moon. Intuition, Love and Relationships. Mother & Daughters. Clash of The Titans?

Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle usually meets on the Sunday before or after each new moon. Please check your website calendar for dates and times.


Here is the beginning of a deeper exploration of you and your primary Spiritual aspect.

Mother and Daughter relationships can be compared oftentimes to The Clash of the Titans.

We are who we are mostly because of our mothers. In turn, we pass these facets of light onwards to our own daughters.

Working as always with your intuitive aspect, you start to go deeper together here, and explore your relationship with yourself through deeper understandings of your mother. Through her you started your perception of the world in an exploration without words. She was your role model, what she did, so did you, a spontaneous movement which at foundation was either limited, or unlimited. But always, always exciting, such a huge universe to explore, from those first, faltering steps, to now.

Everyone has a story about their mothers. Intense passion, emotions, frustrations even. No language for this, just feelings, whatever, however they are.

You’ll start to synchronise all of this so that your view of – and therefore your relationship with – your mother is remembered with the Ultimate Love.

Date: Sunday 19th November 2017

Time: 8am UKT/4pm Hong Kong and Singapore/7pm Sydney & Melbourne time (check your location time here)

Duration: About 60 minutes.

Where: Please click this link to register.