Sacred Woman Moon. Intuition, Love and Healing. A Gathering for Women of Spirit.

Healing is about many things and can take many forms.

At its most fundamental, healing is needed when you lose your Spirit. You then lose your way at human level, and your energy becomes suppressed. It is in looking at how you can reclaim this most essential part of your Self that the ultimate healing occurs. In turn, as energy becomes inspired, this leads to healing at a more physical level, life uplifts and away you go.

It’s a massive subject, of course, and from this in due course we’ll branch into many interesting explorations that cover women’s health, depression, energetic suppression, women’s physical well-being and the female energy system.

We will start at the beginning, though!

In this live online gathering together you start to look at the truth of healing. What does it mean – to you, how do you access it and most important, how do you make it permanent. As always, to explore you need to use your intuition, that Voice of Soul that impacts All of us at deep, inner as well as at personality levels.

Join together this Sunday 21st January 2018, synchronised to 8am GMT.

For this unique opportunity to access that part of your that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with Nature both inner and environmental – and dedicated with a will towards Love.

Watch your intuition become stronger as you start to use it with more confidence, not just as a tool, as your connector and connection to/from/with Spirit.

Aligns with 8am GMT. Meeting planner here for local time.

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