Sacred Woman Moon. Open Your Senses to Mother Nature. And Watch Your Spirit Soar!

Sacred Woman Moon represents the female aspect of Spirit. Intensely primal, exotic, you explore yourself through material light to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with both Nature and earth based conscious awareness. Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature – both inner and environmental to plumb and express the depths of your essential Being.

Go deeper into your Sacred Garden. Your Intuition leads you even beyond this, now into your inner forest.

Mother Nature calls you here, now. A space that is unbounded, unstructured. Wild.

Pure only as She intended it. For your World.

Here, you immerse into the Nature of All That Is, alive. Your heart fills with you-know-not-what. Just a feeling. Of connection, all rooted to and from the Earth.

All evolving, together. In a kind of natural right order that you know, deep within, is Divine.

We follow the energy, here and now and watch this inner space, together, a walk through nature to know completely and absolutely each aspect of One’s essential role.

Look forward to exploring as always in Service and Love,

Anna x

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