Sacred Woman Moon. Further Awakening Nature Within You

Sacred Woman Moon represents the female aspect of Spirit. Intensely primal, exotic, you explore yourself through material light to access that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, aligned with both Nature and earth based conscious awareness. Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature – both inner and environmental to plumb and express the depths of your essential Being.

September’s moon took you to that sacred space of recognising with and connecting to the significance of your shamanic animal. To look at its messaging not just at the beauty of its Being, of how it relates with its external community – family, tribe, flock, herd etc – as well as with its environment.

A simple awakening of the magic of your own creative power.

Now in Octonber, we go deeper, into your heartfelt response in terms of limitations and freedoms of circumstance sent to you by Spirit. Allow you to continue to be in charge of your inner earth journey.

With Nature rearing her head more and more now, it can be disconcerting. However, by harnessing this energy, you find yourself journeying in the embrace of the Spirit of Child-like Joy. Where the mystery of Life – yours – become more defined and where you are able to work more naturally with the energy of Creation and also with destruction too – its necessary other in material form.

Spirit calls you now to focus on Living. Take each day for what it presents you. In this way do you live the fullest of Life for what it is, truly.

In this live online gathering together you harmonise with those powers-that-Be within Nature’s many and beautiful manifestations. With no past to define you, you become sure that that future takes care of itself.

By your Knowing.

As always, yours in service and Love in another beautiful interaction of Spirit!

Starts at 8am GMT. Convert to your local time here.

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