Sacred Woman Moon. August Moon Highlights the Importance of Time Out.

It’s been altogether quite a challenging time recently for you the human experience. Particularly as a woman – you who are matrix holders for families, homes and work work work (at ….. whatever ….. ) whilst at the same time constantly managing yourself. And your dreams. I’m sure there’s been a lot of adrenaline moving around and I’m also sure that having held space herein for many too you’re likely starting to feel a bit tired!

Time here to take a deep breath, reconnect with your own authentic presence and allow what-is to be.

Time too to take a look at your own sacredness, who you are, now, what has come through for you and most of all, the greatness that you’ve achieved so far.

We’re going to rack energy right back today into your symbolic uterus. Powerfully connected with divine feminine power of creativity and passion, in energetic anatomy it’s associated particularly with relationships abundance; and emotional stability and support.

Uterine energy is a comparatively slow energy – you can’t rush creation! Perfect on what you’re seeking here!

In this live online gathering together you’re also seeking to relieve stress and feel more fulfilled within your inner world and sense of Self.

Look forward as always with lots and lots of Love to structure with you this very important communication.

at this online gathering and explore further in this Sacred Women Moon Circle of feminine light. Join us in this live online gathering and a place for feminine expression, with love as the starting point.

Join together this Sunday 12th August 2018 at 8am British Summer Time.

See yourself truly in this beautiful, power and unique circle of feminine grace, now you have courage to let it all go, to make manifest the truth of the inner beauty of All That Is that is so that you can take the next step (or not) with more precision and wholeness.



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