The Nazareine Speaks at Equinox. Open Doors, Closed Minds. No More Feeding into the Illusions of Life (That Do Not Work).

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

At Vernal Equinox, The Nazareine speaks on the illusion of Life. How everything is an illusion, and how/why we feed into what we think works, how political correctness has taken over a large part of the landscape “out there” and where real injustice/prejudice is happening right under people’s noses, so blatantly obvious – if only they’d take their noses out of their smartphone screens for long enough to see. And without needing to be right. For such righteousness is moving doctrine now into dogma and the whole point of living in community, together, is for the main part being forgotten.

Too many people saying too many things yet not actioning enough all those that really matter. Or hearing – and therefore actioning them – through the emotions.

Too much too of the me-me-me syndrome without context of any bigger picture – and how All of Life interlinks, irrevocably, irreversibly. And how you too can create those small changes that really matter, without (needing) fanfare nor applause.

This is the Absolute in Unconditional Love. For you to yourself, and through you therefore to others.

The Nazareine calls His Circle together again during Equinox on 23rd March 2019 to explore Open Doors, Closed Minds. Feeding into the Illusion of Life (That Do Not Work).

Start at 8am GMT. Meeting Planner here