On-Line Community Gathering on Balance and Inner Peace.

Everyone seeks Peace. Peace and Space are the same, it’s you, within.

More than anything, we want this more than anything. And for our loved ones too, all of us living and thriving together.

Yet with the pace of daily life and all the uncertainty now around, it’s easy to lose your balance.

And thus from the Jewel-link interior of your Inner Heart, to send energy too to those places around the world that are in conflict. It’s a love that not only comes through you, it IS you.

One person at a time serving the Inner Heart altogether add up to a big energy.

That of Love, expressed.

This is always a response, because energy always returns to Source. Yours.

But you don’t do it for that reason.

You do it because you can.

Please join us on Sunday, 22nd September, the time of Equinox – that of Balance – to realign inner with outer balance. At Inner Heart Level both individual and community. And bring everything back to direct experience of peace, both inside – and around – you.

Time >> 8am or 5pm in your country. Register here.