New Moon Virtual Community Gathering. Love And Healing. Restore Inner Power, Strength and Peace.

It’s been a challenging year so far for many of you.

I know, because I feel it too.

July 12th 2018 is a New Moon Solar Eclipse that marks a major turning point this year. Time to review where you’re headed, make sure you’re still holding your power and move on quickly from all that human stuff you know in your heart that it’s clearly time to leave behind.

Now’s your chance to cut the cords to anything that does not support your dynamic onward momentum

I’m making available a sacred space for you to come together on this day, aligned to 11am British Summer Time.

Relationships have ended, or they need to and you’re waiting to find the words. You may have felt less than optimal (and you still just get on with it). Or you’ve been ill. You may have recovered, or are in process of transition. There may have been disappointments, broken dreams and much much more too amongst all the joys of Life too. Births, marriages, engagements, new beginnings too for many. Choices to be made.

All potentially scary. And also, depending on your outlook on Life – immensely exciting too.

It’s true that the pace of change in your world is accelerating.

A lot coming out of the woodwork here for many things, and potential for self-doubt during this new moon energy is high. Can cause internal conflict.

Important here for you to recover (yourself) during these times of often tumultuous change.

Hold strong that energy of change so that you ride it super well, be in charge of your own. Know that even if there are surprises around that proverbial next corner, you already have a sense of it and most important, you already know that you’ll deal with it well.

Here’s your opportunity to stop. Evaluate. Restore. And Recover your balance. And continue in Love with Life.

I’ll be bringing through for you a special practice using this New Moon Energy, for you to expand into, view different layers of your matrix, and make a few new choices. Breathe Life back into those tired spots within the physical and emotional body, and breathe light back into yourself to feel well, restrengthened, in charge and therefore in peace again.

25minutes, including integration.

Love for you to join – Please click here to register  to be a part of this in your own private space.

Date: Thursday 12th July 2018

Time: 11am BST/6pm Hong Kong and Singapore/8pm Sydney and Melbourne.

Meeting planner – Click Here.

PS! Don’t worry if you’re working and can’t make it – please register anyway, we’ll send you the recording later that day so you can catch up quickly!