The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. Super Moon Meditation Gathering.

Spirit is calling us together to connect in the light of a supermoon that is also a lunar eclipse and blue moon.

Moon energy rules intuition and the more esoteric aspects of life. Whilst each aspect of moon energy within itself is powerful, to have all three together indeed increases your spiritual connection multi-fold.

I won’t take a reading on what will come through, we’ll step into practice together and Spirit will lead by speaking through me, align the gathering within the energy of what-is that is needed to hold you strong in the heart of your personal journey; and open you for the next stage.

It’s a working day so if you can’t make it, it’ll be on the website asap and you can connect when you can. As there is no time in inner space – only rhythm – you’re now practiced enough to weave your energy in with the rest at will.

This is a closed Circle gathering, which means it  is exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of The Ultimate Truth, and invited guests.

700am GMT. Check your local time here

Usual zoom link.