The Nazareine Broadcast. Solstice 2106 “Belonging to Self” Bringing Spirit into Matter. Determine What Matters and What Does Not As You Move Forward.

Thank you for being present in this wonderful Circle, And to any newcomers – welcome.

it’s great to see you evolve in the ways that you have done. So much joy in your realisations and then a quick adjustment to bring everyday life into the same value. Brilliant.

To you who have shared your response to the New Moon practice, thank you too for the love and laughter of your insights. Many have shared the peace and tranquility as you have felt supported by Spirit to light previously dark space within yourself, some have managed this subtly, others have engaged with more of a hob-nailed-door-smashing approach that is so pertinent to your personality.

The Nazareine’s next broadcast on December 17th 2016 will be about Spirit in human form, what this means in everyday context, the role of every One in your journey and the application of Love therein. You are now all aware of what are your defense mechanisms and are starting to see how to more easily travel your path, His Guidance will take you to the next level of understanding and also introduce the material Spiritual construct and right application of Free Will.

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8am UK (4pm/HK & Singapore time).

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Meanwhile, looking forward as always to seeing you all together again in ways that matter.