The Nazareine Speaks. Pure Spirit in an Essential Journey Without End.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are seekers of Truth.

“To know yourself as the Divine you must first be willing to experience yourself as fully human. But in which form this takes for you, according to design, desire and Divine Right Order, interwoven – now THAT”s interest and excitement of the Journey,” The Nazereine.

Here you see a bigger picture of your self in relation to the Universe. You go deeper into your individualted Sacred Journey guided by The Master Himself, alongside people just like you, into that of Love and Devotion that gives many different – real – layers to a life of value lived in service.

This is the service of Love, in Love that engenders, grows over and over. Love itself.

Essentially this is a journey without end, your lives, lived, merely an apostrophe in the full spectrum of events. But nevertheless of huge value. You matter because of the ripples that come through you.

Lives well lived, touching all those many lives around you too in a service that we call Living Love.

Or, Loving Life.

This is your Ultimate Being.

Please come together in the next step towards Mastery – of magic, of motion, of devotion.

Saturday, 30th June 2018.

Start at 8am British Summer Time. Meeting Planner here.