The Nazareine Speaks. Exploring the Finer Tenets of Love and Trust. Your Essence Going Deeper into Community.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.


Well, here we are, a new cycle of energy that arose a bit like a phoenix from the ashes of the last full moon lunar eclipse.

Spirit tells me that this effectively swept away pretty much most of the old karma.

You’ve explored pretty much it all now, some of you ad finitum.

Many of you held space whilst others in this Circle too completed the last stages of their own explorations.

Thank you for that.

Time for new adventures, don’t you think?

So we now move together to the next stage of Learning with Love.

It’s a movement towards creating an enlightened society.

Of you and through you.

Isn’t that exciting?

And of course something worth doing.

It’s using what was previously ancient wisdom, now adapted to modern day environment, to (re)develop the world into more of a model of one into which you prefer to live.

It starts with holding strong the tenets of loving kindness.

You will most of you recollect that in times of fear, the first thing that is sacrificed in community is kindness. There then usually follows a dereliction of concern for those around. Too much talking, too many opinions (“Do as I say” rather than “Do as I do”. Blah-blah-blah. And blah).

And not enough doing.

The world needs direction (each in your own way). This is symbolised by the form of the Flower of Life. Each one connected to the other as a direct reflection of the Divine.

That’s you (let’s go).

Nothing like eyeballing the darkness, and neither flinching nor blinking. Quite fun.

Holding the Light Strong for Others to Shift Into, in Love and Trust. Spirit, Life and All That Is.

Please come together in the next step of your Discover of Spiritual Mastery – of magic, of motion, of devotion. Of Love and the illusion that there is (an)Other.

In essence there is only One (but hey ho).

Saturday, 22nd September 2018.

Start at 8am British Summer Time. Meeting Planner here