Shared Perspectives. Study Group on Right Way? Wrong Way? There is Only the “High” Way (of Life).

Very pleased to be calling you all together again, to discuss your insights and progression of His teachings from March Equinox!

So many layers there for you, as you seek to not just to live Life in harmony and Love with All That is, to have the courage and tenacity to hold knowing and therefore hope too for those confused and lost by the chaos of today’s world.

Life then moved beyond the mundane into the magnificent, exactly because of all these many layers – of potential. And of course, potential that is actualised by and through you.

What greater service can be other than this?

See you then, great Love, as always.

Date: Saturday 19th May 2018

Time: 8am BST (British Summer Time) (check your location time here)

Duration: About 80 minutes.

Where: Usual connection.