Love and Feminine Wisdom During Festive Togetherness at Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle

Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle usually meets on the Sunday nearest new moon. Please check your website calendar for dates and times.


Today we look at exploring this extraordinary matrix during the special month of December, Christmas and proximity to New Year.

Families coming together are special times indeed where-ever in the world you live. But it’s not just about family time, it’s about you.

Christmas or New Year; it’s also about Solstice, sacred time of that holds within the energy for what is coming to you.

Hugely symbolic about awakening, the physical healing that you’ll enjoy for yourself, important self-nurture during this time within the embrace of Mother Nature and Sacred Mother. You’ll be able to more firmly hold onto your own peace, expand this to unlimited joy, weave this into your own physical healing through many different perspectives of inner view, letting go and finally coming to rest in the meaningless of all things that are not Love.

Whenever there is so much going on for everyone (especially you), by staying connected to your mystical feminine self you will more readily synchronise with the Spirit of Love, Compassion, Kindness and Generosity that these times call upon you to give. For you this means you can take a deep breath, and be the One who remains connected with All That Is, both internal and external aspects, during what can often be very busy (even frenetic) times.

And when you are able to enjoy your space, you can become that space for other people to enjoy too.

From this space you too will enjoy the flow of magical energy towards what Spirit intends to be an exceptionally potent New Year.

Date: Sunday 17th December 2017

Time: 8am UKT/4pm Hong Kong and Singapore/7pm Sydney/Melbourne time (check your location time here)

Duration: About 60 minutes.

Where: If you are not yet a member of Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle, Please click this link to register.