Live Your Dream. Align Your Vision. Clear Your Roadblocks. And Make It Happen.

Heart-Felt Teachings from Anna Hughes that are Food for the Soul. These exploratory journeys together in Spiritual development are designed to return both initiates and curious beginners to your natural state, which is inner peace, the Ultimate Space. At the same time, your discoveries grow your innate awareness, returning All to covenant of trust in joy – and excitement – of being totally in Love with All of Life.

Start any time, create at your own pace, in your own space. In Love and with Love.

We are all aspects of Creation.

And in this Light we create, every single moment of every single day. Our Creation of Life comes from the depths of our inner being and is reflected into our external world for us to live.

Dreams are what you are made of. And too, they are what make you – moving on, moving forward. Stepping up.

How your dream is structured depends on your awareness,whether too you have an open and flexible mind and most of all on how much you are willing to be resourceful to attain it.

Everyone has A Dream of Life.

It’s your secret desire and the Voice of Your Soul. It’s the underlying purpose to your Life integrated into your reality of Being. Here and Now.

Live Your Dream.

Simply. Truly. And in community of Spirit.

In This Four-Week Opening Online Gathering Series together, you:

  • Use your Intuition to make visible your Dream of Life from your inner eye to your front of mind awareness; so you see every part of it wholly;
  • Define tangible concepts of seeding it into everyday life – and making it grow;
  • Explore what karma might be keeping you back, to harmonise it;
  • Maintain clear space, open heart and inner balance whilst bringing it through; and
  • Enjoy totally this part of your Journey.

Every dream is an opportunity to to uplift your awareness and grow, a part of the Realisation of Life that makes being alive so very special. An essential part of your Journey of the Soul, it’s time now to make real your own special Dream of Life. And live this above the rest.

Starts any time, in your own private space and define at your own pace.