Gathering of Great Spirit. All That Is Peace, Harmony & Love.


Time to come together again with others of like-minded and like-hearted consideration. An inner call for spiritual union now more than ever in the face of increasing darkness.

Together through energetic practice send the Energy of Peace, Harmony and Love to those in places of conflict around the world.

Acknowledge. And rebuild, where necessary. Love growing Love.

You – all of you – men and women of Spirit, come together with determined intent that valueless, thoughtless violence of any sort must stop. And in your own way, by the practice of sending spiritual energy – otherwise known as light – you light the Spirit of others in turn to do the same.

Your specific purpose here is to hold strong your own strength, and sent it forth in the light of “Where Thought goes, energy follows. Immediately and absolutely”.

A Call from Spirit now to come together in community, Touch hearts with common purpose to heal, grow. Refresh and re-energise.

And then network this around the world. Details for your online gathering >>

SUNDAY 3RD NOVEMBER – please review time schedule and register here

Look forward, as always with Love.

Anna x