Gathering of Great Spirit. Hong Kong. Monday, 18th February 2019


We move further together into the Light.  Beloved,

The world needs light, the world needs Wisdom.  You – all of you – carry this Wisdom. You see clearly, you are men and women of Spirit, you speak directly with Spirit and you are told how you get your messages through, ask for the lightest way possible and your journey then will become speedier and easier. The responsibilities are ultimately that of awareness and the desire not to just do the right thing for anyone but the desire to live the Wisdom Way.  The first impact of the Wisdom Way is to keep your connection with Spirit open by practice by meditation however each one chooses.

A Call from Spirit now to come together, touch energy at the beginning of a new cycle. Open to your own inner nature, allow your awareness to take flight, connect to higher vibration ….. And return to Spiritual Union with your Self.

…… Light.

Feel your Spiritual Heart again, thus hear your inner voice – that of Spirit. Connect to the Simplicity Aspect of Inner Peace.

And feel your Truth again, deeper, purer, truer, more than ever before.

An afternoon together of practice, teaching given too as Spirit guides.

Voicing the Song of Your Soul by your Presence. Gain clarity on the next part of your journey. And feel supported in the knowing that ultimately, All is well.

Date: Monday, 18th February 2019

Time: 630pm – 830pm.

Venue: Reading Room, Bishop Lei International House, 4 Robinson Road, Hong Kong

Small circle only for focused intent. Complimentary to you who too are on a committed spiritual exploration.

Please rsvp with your intention to attend, with indication of how many you are.

Love, Anna x