Full Moon Virtual Community Gathering. Healing And Love. Restoring Inner Power, Strength and Peace to Loved Ones

Following your virtual gathering in the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse, where you reanchor yourself in your own spiritual strength you extend your energy outwards to benefit those around you.

July 27th 2018 is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will likely be challenging in terms of other peoples’ choices that could well impact your emotions, taking you out of balance.

Prepare yourself to meet these, remain decisive in your view and move forward from this space. You’ll be glad of this as your confidence remains strong and there will be fewer questions of “what-if” – all causing unnecessary stress, taking up unnecessary head space.

You’ll take the time too to send the energy of healing love to those around you, dynamically helping them too to release whatever it is they might be holding that causes pain of any sort.

At this time I know there are a lot of people who are in need of this.

Once again I’m making available a sacred space for you to come together on this day, aligned to 11am London (6pm Hong Kong, 8pm Sydney).

Know yourself as Love by sharing this simply and truly.

25minutes, including integration.

Love for you to join – Please click here to register  to be a part of this in your own private space.

Date: Friday 27th July 2018.

Time: 11am BST/6pm Hong Kong and Singapore/8pm Sydney and Melbourne.

Meeting planner – Click Here.

PS! Don’t worry if you’re working and can’t make it – please register anyway, we’ll send you the recording later that day so you can catch up quickly!