Women Walking in Wisdom – Create & Live Your Vision. Sacred Woman Urban Retreat

A Clear Channel For Intuition And Rapidly Accelerate Bringing A Vision Of Service Into Material Form

Today you have a vision for life and now for your service. From this space of inner crystal clarity, sovereignty and power step away from the day-to-day, free of everything but your own thoughts, desires, imagination and vision connected through your wisdom by intuition. With your soul that lies within, claim, and finally bring to life in material form.

Anna Hughes’s powerful framework for bringing your vision of service into material form; so you too can take appropriate action according to divine right order and enjoy total fulfilment; feel more connected to life, more tapped in, more alive.

You’re ready to step out. Defying your fears, limitations and even conventional wisdom to achieve this… a leader, you’ve set your standard high for what you want in life.

You’ve questioned so many set, old, unworkable ideas of the outer world that your now ready to step into a new paradigm, spiritually united to a higher calling.

Discerning, it’s your intuition that leads to your desire; when fear speaks to you, become fearless.

You feel a genuine bond to all humanity, clearing xx, pain, limitation.

It’s time. Time to turn up the light. Take action to turn your vision into living potential. Service. Work. Business. Life in totality. Big picture. Detail. Dynamically sound.

To empower you with loving heart, assurance, faith, trust and poise, this intensive retreat provides you with the knowledge of your spiritual journey, now defined. And owned.
intimate, powerful sure-footed to fulfill your most radiant vision for your life and service.

Two Revolutionary Days Together To Creating And Living Your Vision Of Service

Step far from the everyday of your world, expel yourself from the surge of requests and duties, the pressure for your time, energy and attention.

Let go of all the suboptimal models of reality that are holding you back from realising your full potential. Detach happiness from the end result of your goals so that you are always in the optimal state of flow in life.

Within two timeless days; free of everything but your own thoughts, desires, imagination and vision connected through your wisdom via intuition, your heart and soul, and with the soul that which lies within, for you to know, claim, and finally do, brought to life in material form.

Serve the evolution of your world through your strength. This aspect of initiation we call flying on the wings of a butterfly, because it’s your freedom that you’re sharing with your world. This, and your love, your joy, peace, encapsulated in the ideas that Spirit gave to you, in the very beginning, when you were evoking your presence here in this material universe.

You will ascend beyond what most people are doing and truly live a life that’s infinite potentiality.

Here entire new heartfelt abilities start to emerge in you. A feeling of connectedness with all life. All to reach upward, even towards the stars.

You’ll refine your vision, inner crystal clarity, looking at your knowledge base of material form, aligning All That Is to messages, thoughts, plans. Spiritual strategy, to bring forth.
watch even your biggest goals come true.

Connected into a higher power that guides you. As you serve the evolution of our world in karmic cooperation. Higher energy of goodwill. Light. Love.

Find yourself free and grounded in the present: liberate yourself from past trauma, and in doing so, feel lighter and more free than you ever have before.

The Create and Live your Vision of Service immersion retreat is intimate, accessible, and designed to support you in creating in partnership with your soul, and the soul of your business, in a practical, hands-on way.

Together ignites the power of the energy spirit of our immersion retreat and I hold for you. we call on the power of soul and desire, and link them with the skills of energy alchemy, soul-directed strategy, and purposeful action to create something magnificent that serves you and your world.

Tap into it so that you can make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose, moving toward your service vision faster than you ever thought possible.

A step by step bridge, using Anna Hughes’s powerful framework for bringing Spirit into material form; so you too can take appropriate action according to divine right order. Feel more connected to life, more tapped in, more alive. you’ll begin noticing synchronicity and coincidences that makes you feel as though the spirit is on your side.

This framework is so powerful in delivering amazing results that has:

  • Reinvented a falling conglomerate to sustainable growth;
  • An author’s unfinished book to come alive to completion after years of struggle;
  • Transformed a single mother to a successful entrepreneur of three regional businesses;
  • A lawyer to live his ultimate business initiative in creating his biomedical enterprise;

Spirit stays free – total inner peace remains through your naturally precise intuition as you see your goals, staying unattached whilst still calmly pursuing them.

Your Intuition As Your Greatest Guide

Create and Live your Vision of Service

Sing the song of your soul to start your flight on the wings of your butterfly by giving voice to a vision created long ago, deep within the mists of time, with and by spirit. Essentially you, come back to yourself, now.

      • Navigate your way out of the downward spiral (thus release blocks and obstacles), form clear intentions, get from where you are to where you like to be.
      • Master energy redirection that will help you radically transform many areas of your business and life. You are thus effortlessly pulled toward your vision of service for the future.
      • Live Anna’s spiritual principles in the ultimate state of flow in life, so you can eliminate stress and anxiety and always feel like the spirit has your back.
      • Build your dream without losing yourself in doing too many things at the same time liberate yourself from past anxiety, leave struggle behind.
      • Be a clear channel for intuition and create your service vision into material form experienced as a constant unfolding flow.
      • Sustain the state of flow in life, in doing so feel lighter, freer than ever before – and enjoy this part of your Journey of the Soul.
      • Three months (six months for Beloved of TNWC) sacred space access to the Sacred Women Moon circle;
      • One Private Consult (Private Channeling for Beloved of TNWC) with Anna Hughes;

You’ll then know, or be given, your next steps, to start taking it out.

Choose whether you will join us to Create and Live your Vision of Service: a small group action immersion retreat of which you can be a part, from Sep 30th to October 1st 2017 from 9am-4pm both days.

It’s for those who resonate to the deeper aspects of work, there becomes a sacred spiritual bond of journey and purpose where each can see the other and support the other to bring through what needs to be in terms of a karmic passage.

Step in and be seen;
Step in and be known;

We hope you can Join Us for this rare and life-changing immersion retreat.

Lots of love,
Anna xxx