Community Reflection Gathering. It Is Only In Your Silence Do You Hear Truth

Community gatherings are for you who seek to walk your Journey of Life with others of similar purpose, you who seek to live empowered in higher value of Love – particularly Unconditional Love as the energy of Creation. You too who search for Truth and Wisdom in Inspiration. Enriched by the treasures of the inner world. Above all, it is for you who seek Freedom of the Spirit.


Time now to cut through all the noise.

And there has been a lot of noise.

Noise is just noise.

Its tendrils swirls around your emotions, And it stops you thinking clearly.

Time now to go into all of the communication that many feel bombarded by.

The space between the words.

Here, there is silence. And the silence allows you to fulfill within yourself the impact of those words.

Decide what you accept, and what you do not.

Silence gives you space to breathe.

And in your own breath, you recover.

You recover yourself.

Important now, more than ever during these times of intense change. Crazy change really.

Too many people making too much noise. Some are angry, others jealous. Some too are out to “get more”.

Pause, now. And come back into yourself.

Come back into your Strength. Your love. Your commitment to integrity. Balance. Your tenderness of Heart. Clear communication. And therefore…..  your Inner Peace.

In community of Spirit.

Please now  join together at your local equivalent of 10am British Summer Time. 40 minutes of silent focus on devoted Words of Spirit – the only ones that matter.

Starts 10am UK time.

Step in by registering here today clicking this link.

Meanwhile, may the Masters always love, guide and protect you.

In service and love,