Community Gathering on “Gentle Grieving”


For you who’ve experienced loss of loved ones and feel the inner call to step into a safe space of love and comfort during these times, please join us at our forthcoming community gathering to share  light and inspiration.

Loss comes hand in hand with Love and we grieve – so much – because we love so much too. It is the nature of life,  and in a way, it makes each moment of life all the more precious and sweet.

We will also touch on the fear of death which is quite natural. More than we fear our own deaths, we fear the deaths of our loved ones causing you to take your eye of your own valued life, live looking down a narrow tunnel of fear and be debilitating too on many different levels.

To so many of you who’ve been through so much, Spirit is now calling to you who feel resonance to step into this online gathering together. A private sacred space of inner connection, where the indomitable human spirit lives on, in its form as the Flame of Love, burning forever in your heart.

Communing in and with Love, in reflection with and in Spirit, you:

– Touch again energy with loved ones who have passed;
– Come to a gentle peace within yourself;
– Allow the Grieving to be what it needs to be; and
– Explore the emotions of fear around your loved ones dying.

40 minutes immersed in the devoted energy of Unconditional Love as the Energy of Creation.

Details: Sunday, 11th October at your local equivalent to 10am London time.

Registration >> Please click here.

In service and love, always. ​​​​​​​

Anna x