Circle of Healing. Turning Anxiety into Strength Through Activation of Your Inner Heart.

The Circle of Healing is for you who wish to explore the sacred connection between the energetic and material bodies. Your spiritual journey within this light is to promote self-healing through the body’s own essential innate wisdom.

It is also for you who choose to open-heartedly serve in bringing through Compassionate Healing Love to support others in their personal healing journeys.

In This Online Gathering Together, You Will:

Explore the joy of turning anxiety into strength by understanding the interplay of mind and heart that causes your physical body to feel “edgy-ness”.

This is the result of uncertainty, often when your intuition tells you one thing, yet communication of external events by others or the media tell you another. This then likely feeds into your fears or other concerns, most often to do with survival of some sort.

It is easy then  to lose anchor in your inner heart, you are no longer in  your centre and confusion then is able to creep in. From confusion arises yet more layers of misunderstanding, because by now you are likely to be feeling defensive.

This in turn creates around you an energy field that is a filter of emotions, old thoughts and memories all jumbled together. Through this, you communicate, either in what you say, or in what your hear.

Your focus often becomes locked here, creating a disconnect between what matters, and what does not. The former comes from your ongoing stillness, that is the core of your relationship with yourself. The latter defines from this space how, why, what and even whether you relate with your external world.

​​​​​​Within, you have “knowing”, it is always here, in your stillness. This therefore is your anchor to peace. Your strength arises from this space, because you do not allow  your Mind to be pulled and pushed by others unless they are in harmony with you.

In this way, you remain balanced, in Mind and Heart and the intersect of both.

Lots of lovely, interesting layers her to explore, including you compassionately staying in and holding your own space of Truth during current difficult times.

Choose either 8am or 5pm your time. Around 30-40 minutes together, then space for you to integrate.

Look forward as always, in service and love.
Anna x

​​​​​​​ps. If you can’t make the schedule, a replay will be available. We hope you will join us.

Start to understand your physical body and the dynamics of its interaction with All That Is in your world. Join our Circle of Healing now by clicking this link. and become a part of an international movement of Healing Love.