Circle of Healing. Strengthening the Immune System. Timely Movement Beyond Thought and Emotion.

Over the past months you’ve experienced in our Circle gatherings the concept that everything you have every thought or felt is stored in your physical body.

Intertwined in what is effectively a sacred dance, all illness and disease are ultimately messages from Soul.

The immune system is impacted most often by all the stories that we tell ourselves, especially in your relationship with yourself. How much do you like yourself? Are at peace with your choices and therefore your Life?

Timely now to join together in group energy to focus your inborn power of healing light to strengthen all levels of your immune system, extend this too to those that you love – and also for those in the world community now facing specific health challenges particularly with the current coronavirus now spreading around the world from China.

Around 30 minutes together, then space for you to integrate.

Look forward as always, in service and love.
Love from Anna x

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