Circle of Healing. Realigning YOU to Harmonic Principles of Natural Right Order.

The Circle of Healing is for you who wish to explore the sacred connection between the energetic and material bodies. Your spiritual journey within this light is to promote self-healing through the body’s own essential innate wisdom.

It is also for you who choose to open-heartedly serve in bringing through Compassionate Healing Love to support others in their personal healing journeys.

In This Online Gathering Together, You Will:

Return to your inner world of order and strength, that is a natural blueprint of living in Harmonic Resonance with All That is Life.

Our earth is a network of energy, made from living thoughts wherein everything is in its artful place, secured altogether with the energy of Love.

Within this energy is the inspiration of human life, lived through the vehicle of the human body.

Disorder is caused through thoughts, fears and feelings. Manipulation of Nature and pollution that is more than rubbish thrown into the sea. Rubbish is rubbish, and affects all of us, from the networks of Earth to the networks of our physical body.s

All is One.

Please join together in sacred healing circle to receive the Healing Love of the Masters as channeled through Anna Hughes. Uplift your interactions with yourself, different layers of your body that include emotions, thoughts, physical, environmental to continue both healing and onward trajectory of growth through strength of Spirit.

And know that all is well, especially inherently in today’s turbulent times.

Your local equivalent of 8am UK time.

Around 30-40 minutes together, then space for you to integrate.

Look forward as always, in service and love.
Anna x

​​​​​​​ps. If you can’t make the schedule, a replay will be available. We hope you will join us.​​​​​

Start to understand your physical body and the dynamics of its interaction with All That Is in your world. Join our Circle of Healing to expand consciousness connect of material form, energy flow, wholeness. The Ultimate Awareness. Click here to step in.