“Belonging to Self” Study Group. 10am GMT/6pm HKG & Singapore times.

How are you experiencing the new cycle? I know that each in your own way have been dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s to close off the old energy so you progress in this more whole.

For this to complete, your last period has been about resolution versus story. How do you now view your various stories from the previous cycle, and what have you gained from these in the light of your own spiritual evolution?

What does the term ‘spiritual evolution’ even mean to you, apart from a deep yearning to be home, within yourself?

What if you are already ‘there’, and the past period(s) has been your initiation into higher awareness? That every challenge in your past cycle was designed to return you to the ultimate wisdom that you already are and in effect had never left?

Perhaps, your journey was not really that of increasing clarity, sight, knowing. Rather, it was to lift the veils of forgetfulness that materiality bonded you to the illusion that was presented as real.

Consider that the past journey returned you to the beginnings of your True Self much as the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly.

All this done without much effort, of course. Just a deep knowing that it had to be done, wisdom through the inbreath and outbreath of your inner cosmos led you to this space quite naturally.


What does this mean to you?

The next step of your knowing now is to formulate questions that take the ‘why’s’ of what-was into the ‘what’s’ of what-is, understanding of which leads you to spiritual resolution. Known as your own compassionate heart, the piece that formed the question/s then settles into the peace of the knowing.

Then, all is seen and known to be in Divine Right Order and boom ….. away you go. Spirit aligned once again expressing in physical form, the ultimate in Spiritual experience.

Study Circle

I’d like to call you together again in a study circle to explore the gift of insight given by The Nazareine at His last conversation with you in December 2016 at Solstice. All of them too, during the course of the last year that are available to you through your Circle’s private space on the website.

As always, when you listen with your inner heart, you will hear and understand your initiation from both the bigger picture and individual context.

Date: Saturday 18th February at 10am-11am UK and 6pm-7pm HK & Singapore time.

You can make your own place/time calculations by clicking here >> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Please confirm your attendance and I will give your personalized assignment to prepare you for this. This will start anchoring coordinates of your new experiences in this, a new energy..

Looking forward now to taking you deeper into Spirit.


Preparatory Assignment. Where you are now, what is your view and what you are integrating are all offshoots to the same main path that you journey and this is an expansion to the Ultimate Love that you all are. Life is sacred, and the first step in recognizing this is your taking an interest in the small details of your life, without judgment.

It is what it is, in all the various shades, curves, colours, shadows and shapes of Life.

Your discipline then becomes your focus and thus your  message to the universe is very very simple: “I Am the Light. And the Light is All That Is.”

Initiation. >> Think about it and tell me what you see.

Practice >> I invite you to listen once again to any of The Nazareine’s channelings from last year to give insight to your questions. Just hold your question in your mind, scan the recordings here in your private section of our website to gain insight – and away you go. Spirit will then take you to the relevant channeling to motivate answers from your Wisdom Mind that add to the Spirit of Enlightenment that you are currently expanding into.