Study Group on Truth in Light and All That Is Love. Time Now To Celebrate The Sacred Journey of Life

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

Time for another study group! How wonderful is this!

So many have told me how pleased you are to hear that others on a similar Soul journey is experiencing the same human challenges as you are, and how He answered so many questions, brought you back to your core ….. which is Love.

Life is often challenging, yet always special, especially when you look back on the memories that each moment creates. These are stored in your Soul energy, for onward transmission either to others through you, or to yourself in later lives.

Keep your Spirit joyful, then.

Being in community of like minded travelers all on similar – yet so individualistic of Life is a huge gift. Thank you all for being such a great part of this.

Time to share your further insights and progression of His teachings from June Solstice – and before that too if you wish.

We’ll take these as first themes and practice energetic movements, this time taken by The Nazareine Himself.

See you then, great Love, as always.

Date: Saturday 17h August 2019

Time: 8am BST (British Summer Time) (check your location time here)

Duration: About 80 minutes.

Where: Usual connection.