Ascendant Collective of Unconditional Love in Motion.

Radiating Through Space in The Light of All That Is. The Nazareine Wisdom Circle.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

At this moment in our time, everywhere you look there is escalated conflict, every day brings news of more. As a result there is a lot of fear flying around. It’s difficult not to be pulled into this, it’s all around not just in the big picture, in people around you too.

“Enough is enough” you now care enough to do something tangible about “it”, whatever “it” is to you.

Join Anna Hughes and The Nazareine, we will unite, connect and rejuvenate each other energetically.

Contribute to restoring global harmony on planet Earth and humanity from this moment in our time, from escalated conflict, social, political, financial, and environmental crisis that no longer serve our collective good, and more.

We will come together within this exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth through an online masterclass series to connect with our most deep-seated calling and aspiration to serve humanity on both micro and macro scale.

As One, we will step into the higher frequency zone of the quantum field and connect with the universal source and light beings in clearing, dissolving, releasing and healing energetic distortions and dense vibrations that are not of the highest good and are keeping humanity in lower states of consciousness.

Spirit becomes a completely different experience, because you become your own Observer.

Pure Spirit, knowing itself. Spirit, in form, confronting ego, which is form. And dissolving itself. In order to know itself.

Do you see?
What do you see, here? Now?

Freeing your mind and amplify the power of your soul with unprecedented connected-ness with Source and invigorate with Soul-speak to Soul-hear. This is your linear challenge that takes you yet beyond linear.

Then Love becomes real, no longer an aspiration.

With just four masterclasses; the first on 19th October at 8am and 5pm, with the subsequent once every three weeks bringing together on Solstice 21st December.

Together with Anna Hughes and The Nazareine in a series of four simple 30-45 minute online collectives by attuning yourself to the magnificent grid of energy from above and below.

Receiving, integrating the codes and frequencies of deeper knowing, travel your inner cosmos and look to see what is (was) “normal” and “physical” with a different eye. Connect further with your Guidance to see new views, distinguish between you and your “body”, the body of the cosmos and All That Is, and the nuances of shadow and light.

The fourth and final masterclass together on Solstice 21st December, we will enter into the soothing divine light that will overfill and expand our awareness to the deepest recognition of Oneness and everlasting possibilities for the good of humanity.

You are warmly invited to join us for this complimentary online collective with Anna Hughes and The Nazareine.