Sacred Woman Moon. Intuition, Love and Feminine Intelligence. A Gathering for Women of Spirit.

FEBRUARY’S Moon Teaching builds on January’s teaching of the core of healing. Brilliant, as usual (it reflects you), this month you’ll expand this into more female-centric material needs and requirement, specific those of the reproductive system.  As always, look forward with love.

In this live online gathering together you start to look at the truth of healing as relates to you as a Sacred Woman. What does it mean to YOU. For instance, how do the cells of your mind become the cells of your body? What is the connection between thought, emotions and your various material bodies? Where and how do you feel these and more important, how do they affect you? How do you metabolise these in addition to metabolising food and how does all of the above impact (and compact) your immune, nervous, endocrine, digestive and reproductive system/s in the embodiment of All That Is?

Is it really just one system, or different ones separated/interlocked?

Interesting questions, indeed.

You will explore all of the above through your intuition, that Voice of Soul that is the communication aspect of All That Is to give the beginnings of voice to those questions that have impacted you – indeed, all women – for aeons.

Connect to breathe life into that part of you that is pure feminine wisdom, that is truth in Love and love in Truth.

Watch your intuition become stronger as you start to use it with more confidence, not just as a tool, as your connector and connection to/from/with Spirit.

Join together this Sunday 18th February 2018.

Aligns with 8am GMT. Meeting planner here for local time.

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