Virtual Community Gathering. Start Your New Year in Your Own Space of Inner Peace. And Let This Be Your Truth

You can hold your space at this online gathering and anchor the energy of peace into your defining the shape of your 2018 personal space.

Challenging it may undoubtedly have been. Good, bad, positive, negative, I’m sure this year your life encompassed All That Is in your world,. That you rose to the challenge at times, placed your head under the pillow at others, loved, cried, enjoyed or felt pressured. All the different movements that make Life so precious to be, now.

Join together this Saturday 30th December 2017 8am London (4pm Hong Kong, 7pm Sydney).

See your life reflected this year, where you were and how you’ve progress. Connect to your Wisdom Mind to intuitively you’ll view where you’re headed at the beginning of this next – exciting – new cycle.

Love for you to join – Please click here to register  to be a part of this in your own private space.

Time: 8am UKT/4pm Hong Kong and Singapore/7pm Sydney and Melbourne.

Meeting planner – Click Here.